Elvira Carrasco (1990) is a visual artist and art historian born in Cuenca and living for several years in Valencia, Spain.

Her “Faces Project” is an artistic self-portrait proposal in which Elvira has been able to blend “Body Art” (the use of the body as an artistic support) with her facet of photographer. She paints her own face and then she takes a picture to record her work, which will be ephemeral on her skin, but will be saved in her camera.

Her work could be seen as the evolution of a tribal or ancestral art mixed with the self-portrait, used by many artists through history.

The color of her work shocks, but, if we look closer, we can observe the nuances of these colors, their quality, and their texture. In her eyes, you can notice another photography, like always, a window appears, as she works with natural light to get this effect. The interesting part about this is the location, the place where the photography has been taken and the sentimental value that it has for the artist.