It’s like a deep nature.

After a few years to redraw the places of life as interior architect,
it is now painting and graphics that meet the thirst for creation of Françoise Minet.
With the same desire, the same relevance, the same sensitivity to redefine reality,
the Belgian artist is dedicated to a career as a portrait painter.

Françoise Minet unveils his paintings and the extent of his talent to the public by its continuous research and his new multifaceted movement through its “Z’icons“.
The Z’icons are stars, out of the ordinary, but also of the anonymous character who reveal themselves to the rhythm of its oils, stencils, collages… with watermark, his very personal way of redefining their soul through a look, an attitude, a colour, an accessory…

This look that penetrates the subconscious of the visitor, which bare it, calls out to him, weighing him…

This detail that touches, that hides and at the same time reveals a personality by waking up the imagination.
Sensitivity, a painting released, permanent inventiveness, a love line for amazing paintings of creativity.