Helene Gillier, born in 1966 is a self-taught artist.

She has devoted several years to the realization of 3D objects via digital manufacturing.
She collaborates with artists from different backgrounds to reproduction and expansion sculptures.

It’s quite naturally that she develops her own creations in connection with this technique.

She goes to kinetic art finding her inspiration by artists of the 60’s such as Yacoon Agam and Carlos Cruz Diez.
Each of her works offers 2 different views to the spectator who decides the movement alone
by choosing metal as support, her work is bright, colorful and cheerful.

The 2 visuals created in computer graphics are first printed on metal, she then cuts each table into strips which will be glued to recompose the 2 original visuals thus achieving the kinetic effect.

Her visuals stage the heroes of her adolescence, mixing characters , eras and styles on a pop art background.