Artist who lives and works in Belgium.
Self-taught and already a dozen years in the art-world, the last years were very intensive and it has become a Way of Live.
A very strong urge to finding special objects, make a large part of her life.
Finding these materials can lead to a special “adrenaline kick” at the artist.
Her works of the art collection “We Are HUMAN” contains a lot of animal influences.
Parts of exotic animals who unfortunately died already for a long time (for the pre Convention) or a natural death.
Nathalie would certainly not encourage animal suffering, but would on the contrary let live their beauty for another life.
So that it’s not for nothing they have died.

Her art works are a mix of many different materials and techniques that she mastered correctly.
Make a combine of many natural materials and elements, and process them into a separate artwork, is her preference.

In some of her works are subtle ethnic issues processed, but the artist have her own interpretation on this. Her “We Are HUMAN” collection is her close to my heart, for creating a rich of gods from Greek mythology is a major challenge.

A second passion of Nathalie is her Art & Vintage concept.
Processing the restoration of vintage fairground attractions and custom made images, with a quip humor in it.
These works of art are a form of commemoration and tribute to the many heroes and victims of the past. The artist lives in the heart of the former front line, between the many cemeteries.
For many a bit crazy, since this is still a very different concept.
But for Nathalie absolutely not, it feels very natural.