Meeting with Paco.
A self-taught painter from Toulon in the south of France, with an eclectic, thoughtful style, whose instinct, intuition and cowardice, are his only key words …..

Paco loves to remind that he follows only one rule during his creations:

“the only rule that I impose on myself is that there is no rule …”

This artist tries to give a contraction of the real or to draw its “tears” instead of trying to represent the visible appearances of the outside world ….
It does not represent subjects or objects from the natural world, real or imaginary, but only shapes and colors for themselves.

Coming from a Sicilian / Spanish family, he is the youngest of three children.
Having grown up in a sensitive area of ​​the city of Toulon, it was very young that Paco learned the meaning of life and values, such
as sharing, mutual aid, diversity and generosity …..

Open to the world and endowed with a philosophy of life quite exceptional for his age, Paco only feels useful when he is at the service of others. After obtaining a BAC,
it is quite natural that he turned to a paramedic career in 2008, before passing his nursing assistant diploma in 2017 …

Already passionate about art and artist in his soul (he also did a bit of rap and composed his texts), it was in a workshop in a retirement home, in contact with seniors, during his professional activity, that the story began for him … .

After having put this devouring passion on standby for almost 2 years, it was during 2019 that Paco made an observation of his life after several trials (death of his mother in 2013, imprisonment of his little brother, illness of his dad the same year, separation and family breakdown), that he decided to fight, to face his destiny, and to break his chains.

Being a competitor and a fighter at heart (he was a high level judoka), Paco draws his strength from adversity and the excitement of taking on challenges.
Endowed with a strong character, a man of values ​​and principles, faithful to his values ​​and to himself,
let yourself be carried away by his works which are filled with strength, spirituality and energy ….

“The colors arise and I have it …. “